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Frequently Asked Questions About Payment Protection Insurance

We get asked lots of questions about our product range, here are a few of the most popular answers. Click on a question to view the answer.

  • What is Payment Protection Insurance (PPI)?
  • PPI can be a little confusing because it is sometimes referred to as Accident & Sickness (AS) cover or Accident, Sickness and Unemployment (ASU) cover. Separate Unemployment only (U) cover is also available from some PPI Providers and is an option offered by Protection.UK.net

    If you buy one of these types of policies and you have an accident, sickness or become unemployed through no fault of your own, i.e. you lose your income, the insurance policy can pay a monthly benefit to help cover your monthly repayments for a mortgage / loan or other monthly financial outgoings for up to 12 months.

    Here at Protection.uk.net we offer a range of protection products

  • Do I have to buy Payment Protection Insurance from my mortgage/loan provider?
  • No - you do not have to buy insurance from your mortgage lender. You are free to buy the most competitive and suitable cover to meet your needs from any provider.

  • Is it easy to apply for Protection.uk.net Payment Protection Insurance?
  • Yes - it is very easy, all applications are made on-line using a simple application form. First, consider how long you could manage financially before the Payment Protection policy would start to pay your mortgage / loan / rent / bill’s. This will determine the waiting period that you should select. Then all you need to do is select the quote button and complete the various questions. Remember to select the waiting period that’s right for you and answer all questions.

  • Should I buy Payment Protection Insurance?
  • Payment Protection Insurance can provide worthwhile cover against unexpected changes in your personal circumstances, but it does have limitations and exclusions.

    Please make sure you fully understand the product information that our site gives you before you buy and you may choose to get independent financial advice. Impartial advice is also available on website: Money Made Clear

  • What should I know about Payment Protection Insurance?
  • Taking out PPI insurance is optional and does not increase your chances of obtaining credit.

    Cheaper or more appropriate cover may be available from other providers. You can compare product features and costs using the Consumer Financial Education Body’s comparison tables at Money Made Clear.

    There are other products which can protect you against loss of your income. For impartial information about insurance, please visit the website at : Money Made Clear

  • Who is the insurance cover provided by?
  • The insurance cover is provided by Ageas (previously called Fortis) Insurance Ltd. Ageas is an international insurance business with more than 180 years experience. Ranked among the top 20 insurance companies in Europe, Ageas has chosen to concentrate its business in Europe and Asia, which make up the largest share of the global insurance market. The four key markets Ageas operate in are: Belgium, United Kingdom, Continental Europe and Asia. It is the number one player in the Belgian market for individual life and employee benefits, as well as a leading non-life player through AG Insurance. Ageas has a strong presence in the UK, where it is the third largest player in private car insurance

  • What is the Payment Protection initial exclusion period?
  • The initial exclusion period only applies to Unemployment claims and states the time during which you cannot make a claim. The first 120 days are excluded from the start date of the cover.

  • What is the Payment Protection waiting period?
  • The date when you can start to receive payment under the policy will depend on the waiting period you have selected.

    The waiting period is the length of time you have to wait before you can submit a claim under the policy and determines when the monthly benefit can be paid / received under the terms of the policy.

    You decide what period is right for you, choosing between the periods stated below. Please note that even if you select ‘ 0 Days’ you will not be able to claim benefit until after 30 days have passed and you remain unable to work.

      Waiting Period - Days Eligible to claim from: 1st Monthly benefit paid on;
    0 Days - You'll Wait 30 Day 1 Day 31
    30 Days - You'll Wait 60 Day 31 Day 61
    60 Days - You'll Wait 90 Day 61 Day 91
    90 Days - You'll Wait 120 Day 91 Day 120

    Please note ‘0 Days’ waiting period is sometimes referred to as ‘Back to Day 1’ cover

  • What is the difference between the waiting period and the initial exclusion period
  • The waiting period can be determined by you and will impact when the monthly benefit will be paid under the terms of the policy. Think carefully because the waiting period is the length of time that you will have to wait before you will receive any payment.

    The initial exclusion period applies to all policies regardless of the provider. It is only applicable at the start of the policy and it states the period during which no unemployment claim can be made.

    If you wish to take out one of our policies and you already have an existing PPI policy in force with another PPI provider, in most cases, subject to the policy terms and conditions we can waive the initial waiting period. Please contact us for more details.

  • I have an existing medical condition. Will I be able to take out Payment Protection Insurance?
  • Yes - but you will not be able to make a claim for a medical condition you were aware of, or should have been aware of, that existed at the time you took out the policy, or within the previous 12 months i.e. a pre-existing condition, unless certain conditions are met. However you will be able to claim for new illnesses that occur after you take out the policy and are not related to a pre-existing medical condition.

  • How will I know what I’m covered for?
  • The main features and benefits of the payment protection policies, along with the cover and exclusions to cover can all be found in the key facts policy summary and the policy document which are available to read or download on our website.

    Your Policy Schedule will confirm what cover you have selected.

    If you do have any further questions please ask us at enquiries@fcppl.co.uk or call 0844 391 6965* or 01934 529420 and make sure you're happy before you take a policy out!

    We welcome customer feedback and are always trying to improve our service and product range so we’d love to hear from you.

  • Can I cancel the Protection.uk.net Payment Protection Insurance policy if I change my mind?
  • Yes - you can cancel the policy within 30 days of taking it out and get a full refund.

    After 30 days from the start date of your policy you may still cancel at any time by giving 30 days’ written notice to us. In this instance because premiums are paid monthly there will be no refund of premium paid.

  • How long can I claim for?
  • You can claim for a maximum of one full year (12 payments).

  • What about your Customer Service?
  • We aim to provide you with a high level of customer service at all times but if you need to complain our Complaint Procedures are available as a download document from our IMPORTANT DOCUMENTS section of this website.

    If you still are not satisfied with our response you may be entitled to refer the matter to the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS). For further information about the FOS and eligibility to refer a complaint to them you can visit the FOS website: www.financial-ombudsman.org.uk.

  • Can I still claim for disability / Sickness if I am in receipt of a salary?
  • Yes, even if you are still being paid by your employer you can submit a claim.

  • What if my circumstances change?
  • Any changes in your circumstances should be notified to First Call Group at the earliest opportunity. The amount of benefit that you will receive in the event of a claim is linked to your normal income and other elements of your personal circumstances depending on which policy you have selected.

    Failure to tell First Call Group of a change in your circumstances may mean that your policy could become invalid and that it does not operate in the event of a claim or may prejudice your level of cover.

    You must immediately advise First Call Group if any of the following circumstances change, at any point during the period of cover:
    • You change jobs or employers, or change Your Working hours;
    • You change from being Employed to Self-Employed;
    • You stop Working or Permanently Retire;
    • You are convicted of a criminal offence, or receive a police caution;
    • Your earnings reduce;
    • You no longer Work within the UK;
    • You are no longer a permanent lawful resident of the UK;
    • You change Your address;
    • You are no longer a signed party on the mortgage agreement for Your main residence, or You settle the mortgage for Your main residence;
    • You have insurance cancelled, or declined, or withdrawn or terms applied by another insurance provider.

  • What if I already have an existing Payment Protection Insurance policy?
  • If you have an existing payment protection policy that provides Accident, Sickness and Unemployment (ASU) or Unemployment Only (U) cover you can transfer to Protection.uk.net Payment Protection.

    We will waive the 120 day initial exclusion period that applies to Unemployment claims providing:
    • That policy (with a company other than us) has been in force for at least 6 months and is cancelled in place of a Protection.uk.net policy with no break in cover.
    • Your monthly benefit under your Protection.uk.net policy does not exceed your original monthly benefit under your previous policy.

    In the event of a claim during the initial exclusion period, should your monthly benefit be higher than your previous policy we will pay up to the original monthly benefit under that previous policy.

    It is fundamental that you DO NOT cancel your existing policy until your application for Protection.uk.net Payment Protection has been accepted and policy documents have been issued.

  • When will my Protection.uk.net Payment Protection Insurance policy finish?
  • Your cover is valid for as long as you maintain your monthly premium payments but it will end when:
    • You permanently retire from work or reach the age of 65 years whichever is the earlier
    • If you give us 30 days written notice to terminate this insurance
    • You fail to pay the premium on the due date
    • Your mortgage / loan / lease agreement is repaid.
    • The date you or we cancel the policy
    • You die.

  • What additional costs can I include?
  • If you select a Mortgage or Rent Payment Protection policy you can insure up to 150% of your current mortgage / rent payment to include additional costs. For example, you may wish to include life insurance and home insurance premiums associated with your mortgaged / rented property and your utility and council tax bills (100% mortgage 50% additional costs). However the maximum monthly benefit you select must not be more than;

    50% of your normal monthly income
    £2,000 per month
whichever is the lower.

  • If I make a claim is the payment made directly to me?
  • Yes. For a successful claim the monthly benefit will be paid directly to you.

  • Can I change the amount of monthly benefit after my policy starts?
  • Yes, it is important that you notify us of any changes to your circumstances and we would encourage you to do this. If you decide to do this the monthly premium that you pay will be adjusted accordingly and it will include Insurance Premium Tax (IPT) at the current standard rate.

    The amount of benefit that you will receive in the event of a claim is linked to the amount of your mortgage / loan / lease amount and your normal income. If an undisclosed reduction in salary became known at the time of a claim any over payment of premiums will be reimbursed.

    If the increase is as a result of an increase in the amount specified in your Agreement, and this can be substantiated by you, no additional Policy terms will be imposed. If the increase has resulted from any other reason, no increase in Benefit or the change in proportion of your Benefit will be paid for:
    • An Unemployment claim which You were aware of at the time in the increase in Benefit or occurs or is notified to you in the 120 days following the increase; or
    • You knew of, or should have known of your impending Unemployment, on the date that you applied for the increase in Benefit; or
    • A disability claim which resulted from an Accident/Sickness for which you received treatment or attended a Doctor in the 12 months preceding your increase in Benefit.

  • Will the policy cover a joint mortgage / loan / lease?
  • Yes. Protection.uk.net Payment Protection Insurance applies to an individual not to a mortgage / loan and is based on the applicant’s own circumstances. Cover will not be split to apply to more than one person.

    If 2 or more persons wish to be insured each person must make a separate application.

  • Can I apply for cover if I have more than one job?
  • Yes, you can still apply for cover providing one of those jobs is more than 16 hours per week. However to be eligible to claim unemployment benefit you must be:
    • Receiving the appropriate class of National Insurance contribution credits
    • Available for and actively looking for work in the UK
    • Registered as without work with the appropriate government agency
    • Entirely without work; and
    • Not receiving wages.
    • Not in receipt of Payment in Lieu of Notice, including any compensation payment for loss of employment or payment received under a compromise agreement.

  • Can I claim for unemployment if I am self-employed?
  • If you are Self-Employed, you must also have Ceased to Trade and if you are a Company Director, your company must have been wound up by a creditor who is not a director of that company. Additionally you must be :

    • Receiving the appropriate class of National Insurance contribution credits;

    • Available for and actively looking for Work in the UK;

    • Registered as without Work with the appropriate government agency;

    • Entirely without Work;

    • Not receiving wages.

  • My employer has just announced redundancies; can I still apply for cover?
  • You can still apply for cover but if you are aware, or it is common knowledge that your employer has announced plans to be acquired by, acquire or merge with another organisation, restructure their business or has announced redundancies are likely, we must bring to your attention that your ability to claim for unemployment will be affected. Please refer to the policy wording Section D exclusion 6.2 – 6.3

  • I am a contract worker; can I still apply?
  • Yes, if you are on a fixed term contract although there are certain conditions. You must have been in continuous Employment either on a yearly contract which has been renewed at least once or on a renewable fixed term contract with the same employer for at least 2 continuous years.

    Please refer to the policy wording Section D exclusion 9.

  • Can I claim for stress, anxiety, mental or nervous conditions?
  • Yes, if a Consultant certifies that the condition solely prevents you from working, claims will be considered.

    A Consultant is a medical specialist registered and practising in the UK who is a member of a College (Royal College of Surgeons, the Royal College of Physicians or any other Royal College of medical practitioners) and is recognised by that College to be a medical specialist who is not you or a Relative.

  • Can I claim for a back related condition?
  • Yes, if there is radiological evidence of medical abnormality, a visible wound, contusion, and a Consultant certifies that the condition solely prevents you from working.

    A Consultant is a medical specialist registered and practising in the UK who is a member of a College (Royal College of Surgeons, the Royal College of Physicians or any other Royal College of medical practitioners) and is recognised by that College to be a medical specialist who is not you or a Relative.

  • How can I make a claim?
  • In the event of a claim you should first contact us at First Call Group to register your claim. We will guide you through the process and send you a claim form.

    The claims notification line is : 0333 2004866 or 01934 529420

    Your completed claim form should then be sent to The Claims Administrators - Advent Management Solutions Ltd, who deal with all notified claims matters.

    For a disability benefit claim your doctor and your employer must be asked by you to fill in the relevant sections of the form.

    For a claim for unemployment benefit you must arrange for your previous employer.

  • What is the Annual Review?
  • We will review your Payment Protection Policy on an annual basis, this is to ensure you are given the opportunity to update / maintain the appropriate level of cover and any changes we wish to make will take effect from the anniversary of Your Policy Start Date each year. Premiums may go down or up, or remain unchanged as a result of this review. The Policy cover and terms may also change as a result of this review.

    We will notify you in writing at least 30 days before the anniversary date of Your Policy Start Date each year.

    The only exception to this would be in the event of a change in:
    • Law, regulation, taxation; and/or
    • recommendation of an Ombudsman which we need to implement prior to the review.

    Any review will not be directly affected by whether you have made a claim or not.

  • Will I receive Carer Cover if I am in receipt of any Disability or Unemployment benefits?
  • No.
  • Will I receive Carer Cover if the person I am caring for is not a partner or relative?
  • No.
  • Will I receive Carer Cover if I was aware of my partner or relative needing a Carer before my policy
  • No.
  • Which other circumstances would prevent me from receiving Carer Cover?
  • We will not pay benefit for any period of being a Carer:
    • If you become a Carer as the result of war (whether declared or undeclared), invasion, riot as an active participant, revolution or any similar event.
  • How long will I receive Carer Cover?
  • We will continue to pay your monthly benefit until:
    • You cease to be a Carer
    • You no longer provide evidence of the need for you to continue being a Carer
    • We have paid the maximum number of monthly benefits
    • The end date of your policy.
  • What if I become unemployed as the result of becoming a Carer?
  • We will consider an unemployment claim if you can provide the following evidence that you are:
    • required to care for a partner or relative and
    • you are registered with your local Social Services Department as a Carer and are in receipt of or awaiting Carers allowance from the Department of Work and Pensions or any subsequent equivalent.

    We will pay your monthly benefit as defined in your schedule and in respect of the Waiting Excess Period you selected.

    Please note: Carer Cover only applies if your Schedule shows that you have chosen Unemployment Cover.

  • I am self-employed; can I still apply for cover?
  • Yes, you can apply for cover.

    We define self-employed as meaning you are working alone, or in partnership with others in the UK for remuneration or profit, registered with HMRC as Self-Employed, and paying Class 2 National Insurance Contributions (or being credited in respect of such contributions) and being assessed for Income Tax under Schedule D Case I or II.

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