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Bill Protection Insurance

Bill payment protection insurance (BPPI) is designed to pay your monthly bills in the event that you are unable to pay them because you are unable to work due to an accident, sickness or unemployment / redundancy (ASU).

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If one of your financial worries are your bills at the end of the month, then BPPI is something that you should consider. This product could provide you with the financial security in the event you are unable to earn a salary / income and still be able to pay your bills due to an accident, sickness or unemployment / redundancy (ASU).

Bill payment protection insurance can be used to cover a range of bill commitments (of your choice) whether it is your utility bills (gas, electric or water), council tax or other regular expenditure expenses such as regular credit card payments.

Ask yourself...

  • What bills do I have to pay each month?
  • Do the amounts vary during the year?
  • How long could I manage to keep paying my bills for?

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