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Mortgage payment protection insurance promises to make repayments on your mortgage (plus up to an extra 50% of your mortgage payment to cover other related household expenditure), in the event that you are unable to pay your mortgage as a result of an accident, sickness or unemployment / redundancy (ASU).

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In most cases your home is your most important financial asset. For many homeowners their worst fears are missed payments and the threat of repossession, which is why mortgage payment protection insurance is something that almost every homeowner should at least contemplate. There is no legal requirement to have mortgage payment protection insurance yet it provides borrowers with reassurance that in the event they are unable to work and lose their income due to an accident, sickness or unemployment / redundancy (ASU), their mortgage repayments can still be met for up to 12 months.

As a homeowner ask yourself...

  • If I lost my job how would I pay the mortgage?
  • Could my partner bear the financial burden?
  • Do I have enough savings?
  • How long could we manage to pay the bills?
  • What support can my lender provide and is this sufficient?

Customer Feedback

Mark Howes from Ipswich says a mortgage protection policy from Protection.uk.net helped keep a roof over his head when he was left unable to carry out his job.

The clerical worker could not work for three months after suffering wear and tear to his shoulder so he made an injury claim to cover his outgoings.

The 47-year-old, who is employed at Felixstowe Port, said: “I was recommended several years ago by a friend to take out the cover and have been insured by Protection.uk.net ever since.

"I have never claimed before but I have to say it was a real life saver.

"I’m relieved that I took out the mortgage protection policy, it has helped keep a roof over my head. After injuring my shoulder, I was unable to go to work because I couldn’t drive, so my condition was fairly debilitating.

"By having the mortgage protection policy I had the peace of mind that I would still be able to meet my repayments."

The father-of-two received £2,216 during the three-month period while he was out of work.

He continued: “Claiming the payments from Protection.uk.net was very straight forward. The wording of the policy was very clear and it was quick and simple to claim.

"I would definitely recommend the product to anyone because you never know when an accident might leave you out of work.

"Without the mortgage protection policy I would have struggled to make ends meet during the period while I was off work."

Mark Howes from Ipswich, who says a mortgage protection policy from Protection.uk.net helped keep a roof over his head when he was left unable to work.

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